Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Toil and sacrifice

First I would like to congratulate Nicol David on her second world squash title. For me she is really the 'example' that the rest of Malaysian athletes should emulate. That perseverance, pure hard work, the right and never-say-die attitude and the desire to excel is really the 'right' ingredients in achieving sporting greatness. Together with immense support from her sport minded parents and national squash association I believe she'll be able to put her name in The Hall of Fame of World Squash in a few years time. We Malaysians are proud of you!!!

Now let's go to Fabio Cannavaro who was named European Footballer of The Year on Monday. The World Cup winner who is now with Real Madrid played a very important part in the Azzurri's success in July. But on thing that I liked most about him is his professionalism and his simple regime in keeping himself fit. The secret? Eating well, getting plenty of sleep and having SEX!!! No wonder most of the old timer Italian defenders like Franco Baresi and Paolo Maldini can still play till their late 30's. He's 33 now and in believe he'll remain as a world class player for another 4 or 5 seasons.

These two sporting personalities proved that with hard work, the right attitude AND HAVING SEX one can achieve excellence and glory in their respective field.....

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