Friday, November 17, 2006


Taken from Sports page NST, Friday, November 17 2006

TAIPEI:Taiwan's sports minister vowed yesterday to resign if Taiwanese athletes fail to snag at least 15 gold medal at the Asian Games next month in Doha. Chen Chuan-chou made the pledge to Premier Su Tseng-chang.
"I told Premier Su during the cabinet meeting that we should able to obtain 15 gold medal in the coming Asian Games," Chen, head of the cabinet-level National Council on Physical Fitness and Sports said.
"And I told him that I would like to step down if we fail to reach the target," he said.
Taiwan's national sport is baseball, but it is also competitive in soft tennis, archery, snooker, bowling, taekwondo and gymnastics. The island nation managed to win just 10 gold at the 2002 Busan Asian Games, compared to 19 in 1998. Taiwan will send 391 athletes to Doha in order to reach the 15 gold medal target.

I wonder if Datuk Azalina will do the same if our contingent to Doha fail to meet the 9 gold medal target set by the NSC. But i rather ask Datuk Ibrahim Saad to resign first because the 'hanky-panky' in the management of FAM have become from bad to worse.

For the Asian Games, Malaysia will send 231 athletes in order to reach the 9 gold medal target. It seems that Malaysia will have to send 391 athletes to get 15 gold medal like Taiwan...just a simple calculation...

For the record, Malaysia's best result for the Asian Games was in 1966 where we won 7 gold medal while in Busan 2002 we won only 6 gold medal.

1966 - 7 gold medal
2006 - 9 gold medal?

Why do we need 40 years to improve our medal haul? Any comments?

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angah said...

Hoping our ministers / secretary of associctions to resign? it's like hoping for sun at night la payjal.

To haul more medals? simple answer if you ask me, athletes' selection must be done thoroughly from the very beginning using the same method other countries are using, that is sport science, minus individuals interests that is

Take cycling for example, I personally know few cyclists who are way better from those they are sending to Doha. Those cyclists are not from Malaysia training camp though. They won several races national and regional, in fact beating Malaysia team almost all the time!

But if they are sent, and the win, malu laaaaa malaysia management kan..

this vicious cycle will continue..that I know.