Friday, March 30, 2007

Memories shall remain II

Amacam, ada gaya EPL tak? Sikit2 tu adala kan......Gambar yang atas tu masa aku main untuk Sapura FC. KLFA kena decide sape yang layak wakil KL untuk FAM Cup and DBKL managed to beat us on that day. Gambar bawah tu masa training session di MARDI, Serdang. During 2000 to 2003 period orang dengar SAPURA je goyang jugak la other teams dalam KL League ni. Tapi tu dulu. Team SAPURA ni pun dah takde lagi......

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Memories shall remain

Minggu lepas, sajela selongkar balik fail-fail dan khazanah lama yang ada kat rumah/office. Housekeeping la katakan. Aku pun jumpala newspaper cutting lama masa zaman kegemilangan main bola dulu. Looking back, I had so many sweet and bitter memories as a footballer. I'm still playing with same zeal but not with same power and pace. Lutut ni pun dah mula sakit-sakit. Hopefully i can stand the pain until i decided to end my career as a footballer and hang up my boots - maybe sampai 50 tahun ke, who knows. I still believe that one career in sports doesn't end because of their age. Masih boleh jadi master athlete. There are still some master athletes (40 - 55 years) that can run 100 meter under 15 sec, believe it.....Kalau boleh taknakla berhenti main sebab injury, sedih beb.....Life is short, play hard....but remember to work smart too.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Malaysia BOLEH!!!

First and foremost i would like to congratulate our fabulous badminton duo Koo Kien Keat dan Tan Boon Heong on their glorious feat of winning both the All-England title and the Swiss Open crown. What an achievement bearing the fact that they were paired up only in October 2006. Special praise for coach Rexy Mainaky (Masa DPA ustaz saleh jemput dia untuk kelas badminton) as he is the man behind the success of this duo. I remembered during the Asian Games in which he cried FOR MALAYSIA and resigned from the national team after we lost at the semi-final stage during the team event. Nevertheless he came back and continued his task. Rexy is truly an example of a true professional. It seems like he is an Indonesian with a Malaysian heart. We as Malaysian should not let the duo fall off the track and do not praise them too much as it will distract them. Sorry to mention it here but Hafiz Hashim is a real life example of a champion that being pampered too much and now losing his concentration on the game. Let us hail the latest badminton sensation and i'm sure they will only get better......

Saturday, March 03, 2007


90 days. That's how long i've been 'missing' from my blog. A couple of contributing factors such as the earthquake in Taiwan that damaged several undersea cables, distrupting telecommunication and internet service in various part in Asia(this is the major one), PTK examination (20-21 December) - fuhh bengkak mata study beb, year end and new year holiday period, lots of workload during the first two weeks of the year...i think that's all. Many important ocassions and happenings occured during these period of time.

The 15th Asian Games in Doha which our Malaysian Tigers got 8 gold , 17 silver and 17 silver bronze medals. For me personally, it's a good achievement bearing the facts that Sazali Samad (unlucky - biased judging-biasala subjective sport) and Josiah Ng unable to contribute any gold medal although they were among our highest prospect. If not we would achieved the double digit target set by Chef De-Mission, Dato' A. Sani Karim.

Another thing, did you all realised that the Taiwan's Sports Minister offer to resign over the poor performance of the Taiwanese contingent at the Asian Games?But the Premier asked him to stay on.(please refer my previous posting on these). That's accountability.

Banjir di selatan tanahair. Kita baca di akhbar setiap hari for the last 2 months. First wave and then second wave.......semoga semua yang terlibat akan tabah menghadapi dugaan dan cabaran. Dulu masa aku duduk di Pulapol, KL during 88 to 95 period, everytime hujan luar biasa lebat, rumah tepi Sungai Bunus, mesti banjir paras pinggang...aduh....letih mengangkat barang2, nasib baik rumah dua tingkat....habis banjir je, macam2 ada...belut, ikan bandaraya....banyak kali la jugak merasa pengalaman banjir ni..nasib baik duduk kem...adala abang2 polis yang tolong...

Another thing - our national football team were unlucky to lose out on penalties to the Singapore team at the semi final stage of the AFF Championship. They played well i think but what is Cikgu Jan thinking of when he decided to put Khyril Muhaimeen as the last kicker. It's a big gamble and such a burden for the young boy to take a penalty kick that decide the outcome of the game.uhhhh. Gerammmnye aku. Penalti tu slow, keeper Singapore Lionel Lewis siap boleh dive dan save bola tu cantik je....ahhh malas la nak cerita pasal ni. Dahla tu Singapore menang pulak final AFF lawan Thailand (aggregate 3-2) dengan dibantu penalti kontroversi masa first leg.

Aaaa...Sunday, 28 Jan 07 was a memorable day for me. Why? I learned to play golf. Not play actually..just learning about the right swing techique. I went to the Cyberjaya Community Club and they've got free golf lesson dan free session. Ni dah start gian nak main ni. Gantung but? Nah...Till the next update see ya....