Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Just came back from Labuan last night after 3 taxing and exhausting days. Nevertheless i enjoy every minute of it, why? It's my last assignment as the desk officer of Head of Statutory Body Meeting chaired by KSN. I learned a lot from my 2 and 1/2 years stint in Cabinet Division, getting the perspective of senior government officers (KSUs, DGs, SSs, HODs), how they deal with issues and problems, tackling attacks and accusation during meetings profesionally etc. Now, it's time for me to experienced the life outside of this green dome building, the building that symbolize the Government of Malaysia and of course one of the landmark of Putrajaya. Still a lot to be learned and discovered in this government service, insyaallah i'll do my best in the new place. I've no problem adapting in new environment, i love challenges. Routine is boring, challenges will make you a better man only if you learned something from it.

One the highlights of the meeting yesterday was the MANTRA from Tan Sri Sidek Hassan, the outgoing KSN with the greatest passion to transform the Malaysian Civil Service to the highest level. He WARNED the head of the government departments to move from their comfort zone to improve the government delivery system or he/she will be removed from the post. I'm sure all the government servant knew about his carrot and stick approach and he 'walk the talk' guys!!!He knows that his approach will not make him popular/favourite among the civil servant, but everwilling to sacrifice that for the sake of civil service. SO YOU BETTER MOVE OR YOU WILL BE REMOVED!!


baba blacksheep said...


ko keje kat mana pulak sekarang nie ? buat la lawatan ke perth. hahaa

payjal said...


aku still kat jpm gak bhgn kabinet tapi tengah tunggu surat keluar je dalam masa terdekat ni. Tak tahu lagi ke mana. Tengoklah nanti aku inform. Macam mana life kat Perth?