Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My little girls

Pejam celik, pejam celik dah besar dah budak berdua ni. Adriana Sofea (far right) dah 4 tahun 4 bulan while Aisyah Sofea (2nd from left) hujung bulan 10 ni masuk 2 tahun...yang tengah tu cousin diaorang...
i love you girls...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lagi gambar SUKEP

Half time team talk



Ahmad Nesta ditackle keras...

Warm up..setahun sekali..hehehehe

Main jahat=kad kuning
Champion SUKEP 2009 - PPTD

KSN bagi hadiah

Gambar untuk kenangan

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lagi gambar SUKEP 2009

Lagi gambar-gambar PPTD FC masa SUKEP 2009....sorry gambar 1st half takdak pasal cameraman dtg lambat...

Half time team talk

Kononnya serious la tu...poyo

Budak2 nakal

Amat Nesta aka Thiery Henry

Nak hisap rokok ke idak ni? Karang pancit

Bolah sampai ke bola ni?


Belasah Shuk!!!

Gaya menarik Jaei...

Monday, July 06, 2009

Sukan 4 Penjuru 2009

Sukan 4 Penjuru 2009 which involves 4 teams (PPTD, ATM, PDRM and BOMBA) was held from 3rd to 5th of July 2009.

Here are some of the shots from the FINAL between PPTD vs ATM which was won by PPTD with a score of 4-1.

Half time

After the game....apa Jaei buat tu???

Letih woooooo

Shuk dengan sengihannya

Tuan Salim Parlan and 'assistant manager' - kad merah hehehe

Ajak Gatusso...dekat samala..

Awang Fabregas

Tertonggeng la pulak mamat ni...

Amat dan Mejar kesayangannya...

Goaaaallllll FK score goal keempat


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's been too long

Fuhhh..lama gila aku tak update blog aku ni. Dah lebih dari sawang. Sorry....banyak perkara yang dah berlaku dalam hidup aku dalam 10 bulan ni. In February, at last i got my transfer order from JPM to KBS. It's a dream come true for me. Then i was posted to Bhg. Kewangan dan Pembangunan and until now it has been a challenging and hectic ride for me. Yela jaga pembangunan ni memang banyak dugaan and technicalities so ambik masa gak nak memahami ilmu project management ni. Sampai dalam 10 bulan ni 1 kursus pun tak dapat pergi. PTD Roadmap pun terpaksa reject 2 kali...hai...BUT i'm satisfied with all my effort during my stint in KBS. Jika ditakdirkan aku kena keluar if exercise 48 dalam masa terdekat ni, aku puas hati, banyak benda aku dah belajar n this experience surely will come handy during the course of my career.

Both my daughter pun dah besar. Adriana Sofea dan 3 tahun setengah while Aisyah Sofea dah 1 year old. Just dalam 10 bulan ni masa aku dengan diaorang tak lama coz kerap outstation.

Apa lagi? ooo aku dah pindah rumah baru before puasa (Ogos 08). Gitu gini dekat 20k jugak habis utk completekan rumah tu. Nasib baik ada duit EPF.hehehehe

Pasal outstation ni aku nak cerita experience aku sikit. First masa aku kena buat roadshow nak buat Gelanggang Rakyat satu Malaysia dlm bulan Julai 08. Aku kena gi Sabah n Sarawak. Mula-mula from KL to Labuan (tidu semalam di Labuan), the next day ke KK, transit jap, naik flight lagi ke Sandakan (tidur semalam di Sandakan). The next day took another flight to KK, transit flew to Kuching (tidur semalam di Kuching). The next day flew to Sibu and the same day balik Kuching then terus naik flight balik KL. Bayangkan letihnya....

Secondly experience aku pergi Besut balik hari. The day before aku kena pergi PD and Melaka for site visit. Then petang tu boss mintak pergi Besut untuk jadi wakil KBS untuk penerimaan bangunan Kompleks Sukan Komunit Besut. Mana sempat nak tempah flight ticket and aku nekad utk drive gak. So the next day, very early in the morning, 5 am aku gerak ke Besut dengan Nissan X-trail (kereta projek), punyala lama journey (aku lalu Cherating-KT) sampai Besut (Kelantan border) dah pukul 12. Attend meeting penerimaan, makan, rest jap, dalam 3.30 pm aku gerak balik KL. Tak ke kerja gila tu? Balik lalu Kuala Berang-Jerangau-Jabur-Karak. Sampai rumah dalam pukul 10. Terus flat esok, masuk office after lunch.....memang kerja gila.

Sejak dok KBS ni pun meja tak pernah clear/bersih. Tiap2 hari surat/kerja bertimbun. Kalau compare masa di Cabinet dulu macam langit dengan bumi. Tapi the bright side of it is aku belajar macam2 and very challenging and it is my nature to accept any challenges. After all aku sendiri yang mintak pergi KBS kan...hehehehe

Office environment pun very satisfying, SUB, KPSU, fellow officers, subordinate - semua best and seronok kerja dengan diaorang. Walaupun stress tapi happy. Itu yang penting.

So guys enjoy the pictures. Ciao....(i'm now in Kuantan and off to Kemaman tomorrow)

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Art of Personal Grooming

Your image speaks loudly about who you are and impacts how you feel about yourself as well as how others perceive you. When you look great, you will feel great about yourself and react positively and confidently. In turn, other people will react positively towards you, creating more successful opportunities in business and social relationships. Your personal image is a powerful communicator and gives you the extra edge when it matters. There is nothing more unfortunate than allowing your image to convey the wrong impression, undermine your capabilities and ruin your chances of success.

In today’s highly competitive global business arena, it takes more than academic accomplishment to attain your professional peak. As business become more internationally and socially oriented, the image you project is increasingly important.. Your appearance, attitude and style are as important as your smile. You can successfully manage and influence other people’s perception of you by projecting the right visual and behavioural style. An effective and polished professional image will make the most of your appearance and social skills, increase your self-confidence and self-esteem and help you out class the competition.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

Dress well

This is the first thing people notice about you. Whether you like it or not, your clothes say a lot about you. What you are wearing speaks about your personality, status, professionalism, dress sense and more. Learn which colours and styles work best for you, and strive to look your best at all times. Learn to create your signature style that reflects your unique qualities, personality and lifestyle.

Eye contacts

This is one of the most important aspects of dealing with others, especially people you have just met. Maintaining good eye contact shows respect and interest in what they have to say. If you don’t look at someone when you are talking to them, you might be perceived as aloof, shy or unfamiliar with what you’re talking about. Even worse, the signal you send says that you are neither listening nor interested. Nothing is more detrimental to your credibility and trustworthiness than your inability to make eye contact.

A sincere smile will break barriers and draw people to you like a magnet. A warm and friendly smile is one of your most powerful and winning assets. We all want to do business with people we like. If two people have equal skills and qualifications and only one of them is warm and personable, that person has a better chance of landing the position. Letting your personality show through your smile is a winning strategy.

Firm handshake

This communicates self-confidence. Place your hand palm-to-palm with the other person’s, grasp firmly and shake. A soft, limp handshake indicates you are a spineless person, while the killer crush makes people thick you are overly aggressive.

Body language

Communication can occur without any words being spoken. Your body sends signals, sometimes deliberately, sometimes unconsciously. Picture the following movements: a shrug, rolling of the eyes, a frown, massaging the temples and a big yawn. There is a meaning conveyed in each of those gestures. So be aware of the message your body language is sending and make sure it is positive.

Good posture

The way you sit, stand and walk says a lot about your attitude, professionalism and values. No matter how much money you spend beautifying yourself, a hunched, slouched posture destroys the whole effect. Good posture spells confidence. Learn to project yourself positively and confidently in your visual poise and posture.

* Article by Sally Tang, image consultant and principal trainer at Divine Image International.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back to biking!!!

Yamaha Majesty YP250

If I'm not mistaken, it's been 7 months since i last ride my ever reliable scooter. And during that 7 months period, the forgotten scooter looked really jaded without much care and 'touch' from his master. After the birth of my second child, we decided that both our children will be under the care of my parents in-law so my wife will have to commute daily from Seremban to Bangi and as for me, back to biking of course!! So on the 5th of January 2008, after few attempt of 'jump start' i managed to get the bike roaring again. However, i noticed that there was some problem with the battery.Agghhh. I braved myself to ride all the way to Seremban, with few pit stops of course. One was at Bangi where the battery just suddenly turn dead. It was 8 pm at that time. With the help of a guy from the accessory shop, i managed to jump start the bike and continue my journey. Unlucky for me again, the bike stalled again just after the Nilai interchange and for about 30 minutes i waived for help until one kind, young hamba Allah stopped and towed my bike to the Seremban R&R. Again one 'pakcik' and his 2 boys in a MyVi- very kind of them, let me used their battery to jump start the bike. Ya, we still have a caring society out there. Then i continued my journey (with an escort-the young man) and reached home at about 10 pm. My wife was really worried because i left my phone with her that afternoon. Alhamdulillah, i reached home safely.

Harap2 nanti ada modal la nak letak bumbung macam ni

On Tuesday, i took a leave just to 'settle' the bike. I went to the Paroi Police Station (report geran hilang), went to Puspakom after that (road tax expired more than a year), go for full service at a newly found and hopefully trusted workshop. There are still a lot to be done with the bike but as long as i can travel safely for the time being, I'll be happy with that. ......